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Hello, I’m Quentin and I'm a graphic designer from Paris working especially in the fields of editorial and type design, digital design and coding systems. I’m working for various freelance projects and try to figure out what could be a website as a part of F451. Next to this I am a student of the Master Type Design at École Estienne, Paris and I'm currently working on my graduation project with Samuel Pin on the subject of digital dictionaries. I'm also looking for a position as a freelance graphic designer and developer or as an intern from September 2018.


16-18 Master Type Design, École Estienne, Paris

15-16 DSAA Graphic Design, ESAAT, Roubaix

13-15 BTS Graphic Design (spzd.digital), ESAAT, Roubaix


18 Featured on Klikkenthéke [1]

18 Interviewed by Index Grafik for the release of E162

18 Selected among the Best Dutch Book Design 2017 for Rafaël Rozendaal: Everything, Always, Everywhere

17 Featured on Brutalist website [1] [2]

17 Midge typeface in use in Metropolis M #3 : Homeland

17 Internship, Studio Remco van Bladel, Amsterdam

Worked on Rafaël Rozendaal: Everything, Always, Everywhere, Esther Tielemans, The Past inside the Present, Metropolis M #3 : Homeland

17 Listed on Silly Graphics

16 Internship, Studio Moniker, Amsterdam

Worked on The One Minutes [1] [2] [3] [4], Click Click Click dot Click

Recent work

E162, Print E162, IJBurg typeface, Salon Graphique #4

SOON! Studio Remco van Bladel, SOON! Replica Magazine, SOON! Andrew Dussert

Current fascinations

Dictionaries, monospaced typefaces, Python, Bach's keyboard music


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